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Mangafest 2014 cosplays:

- Saturday: Lugia Gijinka (own desing) - Pokémon
- Sunday: Lacie Baskerville - Pandora Hearts
PH - Sweet Disaster by AidaOtaku
PH - Sweet Disaster
Being blind is not a problem, I never trusted the information that I received from my eyes...

This is a bit old photo, but I love the composition and this is the final result after edition... I love to mix textures!! ♥ (And Emily looks so cute! Seems like she say hello! xD)

Xerxes Break - Me
Phoyo by :iconmitsukouchiha:

Pandora Hearts, belongs to Mochizuki Jun.
PH - The Knight by AidaOtaku
PH - The Knight
He was chosen to change the fate of his family... he's brave, with a kindhearted soul... a knight should give his life to keep others safe.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

But... no one can save you, Humpty Dumpty, of this sad destiny...

Happy birthday, my dear White Knight ♥ 140808 ♥

Elliot Nightray - Me
Photo by :iconmitsukouchiha:

Pandora Hearts, belongs to Mochizuki Jun.
PH - Stay back, Leo! by AidaOtaku
PH - Stay back, Leo!
Stay back, Leo!! My sword will protect us, no matter what happen!

This photo is inspired in Retrace XXXVIII ~ oh god, the moments when Elliot tries to protect Leo are my favorites! ♥ my sweet boys ♥

Elliot Nightray - Me
Leo Baskerville - :iconmitsukouchiha:

Pandora Hearts, belongs to Mochizuki Jun.
Hello dears!! (oAo)/ Yaaaay I'm so excited, I have the pleasure to announce in December I'll have a new Cosplay!! What's the character? oh no, this is top secret! ^///^ But I only tell you this character is very dear to me, I've been wanting to do this cosplay so many years... SO MANY YEARS! :__DDD again in a little group with my dears :iconmitsukouchiha: and :iconmia-la-eriza: ~

I'll release the cosplay at Mangafest in Sevilla~ I hope I can bring you so many photos!!

Y para concluir un poco esta pequeña entrada (in spanish!) diré que este año no estoy precisamente ilusionada con las navidades, pero las aprobecharé para escribir material de mis OC's para el blog de Six Dreams!! ya es hora de que tenga todas las fichas de personajes bajo control y todo bien ordenadito ^3^

Nothing more to say, I look forward  December with ilusion!! O/ See ya, dears! ^///^
  • Listening to: A shadow - Pandora Hearts OST
  • Reading: PC
  • Watching: PC
  • Playing: Bayonetta, PKMN BW2, PKMN Soulsilver, WitchsHouse
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Aquarius


Kuja-sama~ // Cosplay♥
Current Residence: |||blogger|7661991972301666480|4e25cc77c9c546.43075825||
Favourite genre of music: J - Pop and pop-rock
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Movile Phone
Favourite cartoon character: Kuja [FFIX] and Aerith [FFVII]
Personal Quote: Trulala~

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